Woke Celebrities, Including “The Rock,” Want to Ban Real Guns in Movies

Celebrities are acting as woke as you would expect them to in the wake of a death on the “Rust” movie set due to what we believe is complete negligence.

Gun control advocates will use a tragedy to push their agenda, despite the mistakes or deliberate criminal acts of others that are at fault. The hope is that little by little, they can chip away at the 2nd Amendment.

Think about this for a moment: How many move set deaths like this have you ever heard of? I’m not saying it hasn’t happened before, but it’s extremely rare if it does happen.

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But leave it to woke leftists to immediately overreact and try to blame the gun instead of blaming what is actually responsible in the “Rust” case, negligence.

According to Forbes, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has said that he will no longer use real firearms on set and instead use rubber guns and then add effects via a computer. Of course, The Rock owns the company, so he has every right to make the change that he wants to, but it remains to be seen what will be used in production for the future.

But The Rock isn’t the only one speaking out about the use of real firearms on sets. Other celebrities shared their support for a “Change.com” petition to ban the use of firearms on sets.

Olivia Wilde, who is both an actress and a director, shared the petition for what is being called “Halnya’s Law.”

The petition currently has over 115,000 signatures. But, of course, these signatures mean absolutely nothing and have no actual bearing on whether movie sets use real firearms or not.

Other actors and directors have also been pushing the petition, such as Lena Dunham and Holland Taylor. Many others are sure to follow, and there are even calls by legislators to ban real firearms on movie sets through legislation.

2nd Amendment Daily News believes that what needs to happen and should have been happening all along is that anyone who will be using firearms on set or handling them in any fashion should undergo firearms training.

There is no need to add police to movie sets as Alec Baldwin proposed or remove all firearms from sets and swap them out with rubber ones. But leave it to liberal elites to not address the real problem and instead blame the firearm.

Will these same celebrities also give up their armed security because of the “evil gun?” We doubt it.

What do you think of The Rock’s proposal?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Easy fix. No more guns or blanks on set. Impossible for accidents to happen. Use the money saved for cgi muzzle flash and brass ejection.
    PS: we don’t use real dinosaurs either…

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