BMX Rider Stabs 11 People in New Mexico

Image from Adolphe Pierre-Louis/Albuquerque Journal.

Eleven people have been stabbed in New Mexico by a crazed man on a BMX bike.

It isn’t every day that you hear a crazy story like this. The man apparently went through New Mexico city in the Wyoming and Central Avenue area and just started randomly stabbing innocent victims.

Police say that there are seven likely crime scenes, and two of the victims are in critical condition.

It appears as though the man was riding his bike along the street or sidewalk, targeting a victim and then slashing them as he rode by. Police said all the attacks appear to be random.

The suspect has been arrested, but the details of who that person is have not yet been released.

Nothing like a good stabbing to kick off your day. Hopefully, all victims will fully recover.

Unfortunately, an armed citizen was not nearby to stop this lunatic before he went and hurt so many people.