Watch: China’s Government on the 2A – ‘Freedom to Shoot Other People’

As the Chinese are preparing for a possible invasion of Taiwan, they can’t help but lament the fact that the United States has the 2nd Amendment.

Perhaps it’s because they saw what the Taiwanese did during their protests over the few years. Many of them held signs saying they wished they had the 2nd Amendment.

Who are the Chinese to lecture us about “gun violence,” a made-up term to turn people against the 2nd Amendment?

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The country interning Muslims, using child slave labor, and executing political dissidents is going to lecture us on freedom? They are going to lecture us on violence in our country?

That’s what it has come to as China’s Foreign Minister, Zhao Lijian, went after gun owners in a speech. You can watch the video below:

Next to North Korea, China is the most oppressive government on Earth. Yet, they know that if their citizens had a right to keep and bear arms, they wouldn’t have their power any longer.

So, we’ll keep our 2nd Amendment, and you can take your communism and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!


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