Alabama Sheriff’s Association Director Wants to Change 2nd Amendment, Opposes Constitutional Carry

Photo from Yellowhammer news. (Text added.)

Alabama is looking to become the next state to pass Constitutional Carry.

Gun owners who have lived through the debate know that it won’t come easy. Even in red states, some obstacles are always fighting against Constitutional Carry.

Of course, you always have gun control groups pushing against Constitutional Carry, and you can’t forget about the RINOs who inevitably fight against it either openly or behind closed doors.

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And we can never forget the law enforcement agencies that will inevitably come out against Constitutional Carry as well. And that is exactly what is happening in Alabama already.

Alabama Sheriff’s Association Director Robert Timmons wasn’t just opposed to Constitutional Carry; he openly advocates that a person should only be able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms in their own home.

1819 News asked Timmons if he would change the 2nd Amendment. Here was Timmons response,

Oh yeah. I’d be in favor of that. But, I mean, it would never get passed.”

Typically, law enforcement agency heads will say they want to keep the permit system. This is because they try to claim it will make their job more dangerous without a permit.

Timmons, however, has taken it a step farther and outright wants to change the 2nd Amendment.

Ironically, based on my personal experience, it isn’t the law enforcement officers on the street that have an issue with Constitutional Carry; it’s the agency heads and police chiefs who oppose it. They are the ones who can openly fight against it, while the officers who are on the ground and doing the work are not allowed to speak out in favor of the bill.

Alabama will experience the same doom and gloom scenarios from law enforcement and gun grabbers.

Thankfully for Alabamans, they can now point to the other 21 states with Constitutional Carry and say, “Where is it an issue there?” No one who is telling the truth will be able to point to any of the current Constitutional Carry states and show where it has been an issue.

Every American must cheer for Alabama to pass Constitutional Carry.

Each state that passes Constitutional Carry makes it easier for the rest, and ultimately, the whole country should be “Constitutional Carry” because that’s what the 2nd Amendment already said it was.

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  1. The office of sheriff is an outed dated office that needs to be eliminated in urban areas. The majority of sheriff’s are not law enforcement but gutter level politicians. The majority are not interested in the public’s welfare but protecting their turf.

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