2022 Outlook as State Legislators Go Back to Work, Biden Under Pressure

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2022 is sure to be another monumental year in the fight for the 2nd Amendment.

Gun owners must be prepared to fight against gun control on multiple fronts. Additionally, pro-2nd Amendment legislation will be moving across the country, and YOU must help in the fight!

On Monday, state legislatures across the country will be heading into their legislative sessions, many of which last only until the end of April. Other states which meet year-round will also be getting back to work soon, so be sure to find out exactly when your state legislature begins session again.

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On top of the fights happening at the state level, we know that President Joe Biden is under pressure by gun control groups to “do something” against the 2nd Amendment.

The gun-grabbers aren’t giving up from pushing Universal Gun Registration, often called Universal Background checks, and trying to ram a national Red Flag Gun Seizure law on Americans. They know that 2022 is likely the last year they will have full control over Congress and the White House.

Republicans are expected to take at least the U.S. House in 2022, which makes an effort to pass gun control in Congress less likely in 2023 and 2024. This is also why the gun control groups have also turned their focus to state legislative fights, where they have seen more success in recent years.

Gun control advocates are already planning an assault on Missouri’s new Second Amendment Preservation Act at the state level. The new law has been the center of the 2nd Amendment debate for the last year and will continue to be in 2022.

Other states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and others will push to pass Constitutional Carry.

In Georiga, Governor Brian Kemp promises to fight for Constitutional Carry once again. However, Kemp promised to fight for it four years ago during an election year and is now telling Georgians he wants it passed. Time will tell if Kemp is serious or is just putting forth a show for Georgia’s gun owners in his re-election bid.

And in other states, like Idaho, Stand-Your-Ground will be a major talking point.

With the recent exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskey couple also getting through their targeted legal attack, gun owners are a little edgy about what lies in their future. Can they defend themselves as the law allows, or will an anti-gun prosecutor target them as well?

States who do not have a Stand-Your-Ground law or states with a hole in their SYG law must fight hard this year to pass legislation, and that can only be done when gun owners are active in the fight!

For gun owners trapped behind enemy lines in America’s blue states, you can’t give up any more ground. Gun control advocates continue to develop new ways to target the 2nd Amendment, and you need to find the no-compromise local 2A group in your state and get involved.

The American Firearms Association will be working in Congress and helping in many state legislatures to fight for gun owners. You can check out their website here to follow the latest developments in the fight for the 2A.

What is your state working on this year concerning the 2nd Amendment?

Let us know in the comments below!

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