Would-Be Carjacker Shot Multiple Times By Car Owner In Texas

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A would-be carjacker is in critical condition at a local hospital after being shot multiple times by the man whose Honda Accord he was trying to steal. The intended victim was filling up at a gas station on Tuesday.

The incident, which occurred around 10 a.m. Tuesday at a QuikTrip on San Antonio’s northwest side according to KENS-TV, began when the carjacker pulled up in a grey truck next to the man filling up his car, jumped out and attempted to drive off with his car.

“The car owner got in the passenger side and fought with the man as the suspect put the car in reverse and hit the gas, driving over a sidewalk,” KSAT-TV reported.  

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“That’s when the car owner pulled out a gun and shot the suspect multiple times, police said.”

Police did not release the names of either man but said that the carjacker was listed as being in critical condition.


We have a lot of sympathy for this driver! First he was victimized by the gas prices at the pump where he was filling up, THEN this criminal lunatic tries to victimize him again!

It’s also worth pointing out that this driver wasn’t in a ‘bad neighborhood’ at midnight on a weekend in July. This was the middle of the morning, broad daylight, at a busy gas station.

There is no time or day or place that you’re safe from running into a criminal madman. This story is a good example of why we encourage gun owners to Carry Every Day.


  1. Examples like these should help to tell the low-life scum attempting to harm another that we are not going to take the lawlessness anymore! The good guys can express to the police how scared they were even after shooting the SOB to death. There are also states with Stand Your Ground laws, so know your state law before attempting to break the law.

  2. At least in some states there are severe consequences for being a threat to someone. Unlike lying constantly destroying someone’s good name then boldly and blatantly steeling a presidential election, with no punishment whatsoever.

    1. You got that right. We will take back the Congress in November and Trump will be back in the White House in 2025.

  3. Well, while I applaud the car owner, what was he doing filling up with the keys in the ignition and the car running? Thats just STUPID behavior.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking.When you get out to pump gas you should lock the vehicle and put the keys in your pocket.

      1. Ya, then they would just shoot you , take your keys and veh. with a full tank of Bidens gold. What is the next step before you quit blaming the criminal? Have air surveillance
        on your veh at all times.

      2. With push start ignitions, the keys could be in the pocket of the guy pumping gas and the car will still start!

    2. Who said the car was running OR that the keys were in the ignition? That’s just STUPID to assume that!
      Push start ignitions will start the car even if the man had the keys in his pocket since he was in close enough range of the vehicle!

  4. At -20F you don’t shut off the car nor lock the vehicle while putting fuel in it. I know, this is apples and oranges but…..why in God’s name would you lock your vehicle at 10am in a reasonably “safe neighborhood”, at a filling station in broad daylight. Further, the perp drove up in a vehicle. What did he intend to do with it? Leave it sitting at the pumps? No! The perp was obviously cruising, looking for a high value vehicle to steal. Possibly the truck he drove was stolen also.

    1. I live in San Antonio and have lived here since 1975. The city has grown like crazy since over 40 years ago. Plus, we are only hours away from the border. There is no such thing as a “safe neighborhood” in SA. MAYBE a gated community, but gas stations aren’t inside those gates. I don’t understand about leaving the keys in the ignition, either. Maybe the guy did a Terminator hot-wire job? But why was the driver’s door unlocked?

  5. Didn’t that car jacker “horse thief” know you are not supposed to “Mess with Texas?” I would be curious as to what the car’s owner was working with and how many rounds in the magazine.

  6. Criminal element’s would think twice if more were shot-not to wound but dead. It also is criminal to cross borders without permission, entering a home or outbuilding that you do not own, it does not require a lock if a criminal knows he will more than likely be shot if he does not own the property he has zero rights to anything on that property. Hands off if not yours or forfeit your life.

  7. Car may not have an ignition. Maybe a push button ignition & the key fob in his pocket. If he is standing near the car it will start which he was as he was fueling the car. Key Fob certainly does not have to be in the car in order for it to start.

  8. unfortunately, the driver may face charges…under the law you can’t use deadly force to protect property, the driver attempted to take the car and driver off. Now if the carjacker had a gun or pointed at the driver, then he is ‘under threat of death or grave bodily harm”, and righteously used deadly force’, “better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6”

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