U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Under Fire for Past Gun Control Support

Original photo from Chicago Sun Times.

Dr. Oz is running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican but is now facing opposition over his past comments on gun control.

Oz may be one of the most famous people to run for Senate in many years on the Republican side of the aisle. Many people were surprised that Oz was a Republican.

Why pay attention to this if you aren’t in Pennsylvania? Well, be sure that Republican candidates in EVERY STATE in the country are soon going to be telling you they love the 2nd Amendment, but do they really?

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When running as a Republican, conservatives first want to know where a candidate stands on the 2nd Amendment and how pro-life they are.

When someone famous like Dr. Oz is running, this usually means that past statements will be found, and the candidate will have to answer for what they have said or done on a particular issue.

So, what are some of Oz’s past statements on stances on important 2nd Amendment issues?

Well, for starters, Oz has offered support to Red Flag Gun Seizure laws. Here is what Oz said,

Part of the hope, I gather, is that we’ll make a system so that I can call in and say ‘There’s evidence besides my testimony that this person is dangerous. Look at their Facebook feed or social media postings. Or comments they’ve made to coworkers beside me. Do a little investigating. I’m alerting you, putting a little red flag up there saying this person is a concern.”

Yikes. And Oz makes it clear he wants to do this anonymously so that the person being accused cannot face their accuser.

Of course, Oz is now saying he supports the 2nd Amendment and wants “due process.” It sounds an awful lot like Red Flag Rubio and Red Flag Dan Crenshaw, doesn’t it?

That’s what RINOs do. They tell you they support the 2nd Amendment and then try to justify various gun control positions and say that those infringements aren’t really infringements.

Oz also said back in 2018, it was time to “end the ban” on CDC researching what is falsely labeled as “gun violence.”

First, there is no such thing as “gun violence.” Second, the CDC has already done studies showing how effective firearms are at stopping crime.

The odds are that Oz and others who promote this false CDC narrative want liberal “scientists” to “prove” that violence is an epidemic and the only way to stop it is by banning firearms. That’s the truth they don’t want you to hear.

At one point, Oz also promoted the American College of Physicians who wanted to ban semi-automatic weapons and expressed frustration at the lack of gun control in the United States on his show!

Now, just like every candidate with a terrible record on the 2nd Amendment, Oz is trying to do a 180 and get gun owners to forget his past. Oz told Fox News in a statement,

As a proud gun owner myself, I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms for protection. I do not believe there should be any policy or law, state or federal, that prevents a law-abiding American from purchasing a gun without due process and fair adjudication.”

This is Oz’s backtrack?

2nd Amendment Daily News reached out to Chris Dorr, Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, and here is what Dorr said about Oz’s Senate run:

Doctor Oz fits right in and would probably be an excellent representation of the voters of his state – in New Jersey.

New Jersey loves the kind of anti-gun garbage that Oz believes in, the same garbage that Pennsylvanians reject completely.

The fact is, Pennsylvanians and real Americans everywhere are absolutely done with trash balls like Oz, Chris Christie and so many more who sold America out long ago.

It’s 2022, and RINO losers like Oz and so many more need to leave their political careers in the gutters of American history.”

Would you vote for Dr. Oz for U.S. Senate?

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