CHICAGO: CCL Permit Holder Critically Injures Carjacker

CHICAGO- A 45-year-old man is safe after shooting a would-be carjacker in an incident just before 1:30 a.m. Monday in the 5500-block of West Crystal Street in the North Austin neighborhood, according to WGN 9.

The man was in his car when another man approached the vehicle in a carjacking attempt. The would-be carjacker was armed, and fired several rounds at the innocent man.

But what the attacker didn’t realize was that his intended victim was armed! The man in the car was a concealed carry license holder who immediately drew his own gun and returned fire, hitting the attacker in the chest.

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WGN 9 reported that the would-be carjacker was taken to Loyola University Medical Center in critical condition.

The man in the vehicle was not injured. WGN 9 reported that police are still investigating the incident.

WTTW reported that carjackings significantly increased in Chicago from 2021. In a Monday morning press conference, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters that while officer recruitment efforts have picked up in recent months, the police department’s resources are spread thin.


With this in mind, the importance of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration cutting the bureaucratic red tape so that more law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their property against criminals could not be better illustrated.

Will the administration listen? We are not holding our breath since Lightfoot is now preoccupied with accusing a conservative super PAC of darkening her skin tone in recent political ads. 

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