PHILADELPHIA: Robber Shot In The Head, Killed By Intended Victim

PHILADELPHIA- An armed robber is dead after being shot in the head by his intended target in South Philadelphia, according to police.

FOX 29 reported that the incident, which occurred on Wednesday night in the 2200 block of South 6th Street, began when a 30-year-old man rode up to a 24-year-old man smoking a cigarette outside and announced a robbery.

The 24-year-old male then pulled out a gun and shot the would-be robber in the head. He had a valid permit to carry the weapon and cooperated with investigators at the scene.

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Scott Small, Chief Inspector for the Philadelphia Police Department, told CBS 3 that the wounded robber attempted to fire off two shots from his gun but missed the 24-year-old. He later died from his injuries.

CBS 3 reported that the number of applications for license-to-carry permits in Philadelphia had increased six times over last year.

“Data shows license-to-carry applications in Philly hovered around 11,000 per year between 2017 and 2020, but it surged to six times that number to more than 70,000 applications last year,” the report said.

Police told CBS 3 that license-to-carry applications continue to rise this year.

La Salle University Criminal Justice Professor Chip Gallagher pointed out to CBS 3 that 2021 was a violent year in the City of Brotherly Love and that residents are fearful.

“The data really suggests that homicides are higher, carjackings have gone up,” Gallagher told CBS 3. “So people feel that they can best protect themselves if they can control the space around them and that means getting a permit.”


We reported earlier this year when the Pennsylvania legislature passed Constitutional Carry and sent it to the desk of Democrat Governor Wolf — who then vetoed it.

The grassroots gun rights organization, Pennsylvania Firearms Association had mobilized tens of thousands of gun owners to put political pressure on their legislators.

It’s obvious from the “skyrocketing” number of concealed carry permit applications that Governor Wolf was totally out of touch with what the average citizen wanted.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to explain why record numbers of Philadelphians are applying for license-to-carry permits. People feel safer with a firearm in leftist-controlled criminal hotbeds like Philadelphia because they ARE safer.  

Rather than planting trees in hopes of curtailing gun violence, as the director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control suggested earlier this week, Philadelphians are taking the more practical approach of arming themselves in the face of continued criminal atrocities within the city.

Just last week, a man was killed in broad daylight while filling up his car at a busy gas station!

Some neighbors of the 24-year-old man in South Philly are considering that very thing.

“It’s definitely something I’m considering as well. Especially since I’m a new father, you want to be able to protect your family,” Samphearleak Som told CBS 3.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 


  1. The Democrats are way out of touch with reality. You have to be armed to protect your self anywhere. Especially with the the Democrats wanting to defund the Police.

  2. Wake the hell up folks remember what one of our founders said as they created the 2nd amendment only 2nd behind out cherished 1st; “ when people fear the government it’s called tyranny but when the government fears the people it’s called freedom “ no that the National average response time for the police to get to you to rescue you from being in a body bag is 12 to 14 minutes, so do you want to be a ready victim or make it home safe…get responsible armed, only you can truly protect you

  3. Additional; have any of you anti-gun weakling ever asked yourself why is it that a government that truly can’t protect you are so hell bent on wanting to keep you disarmed; remember history folks the very first order of business when Hitler took over as head of Germany was to send out his goon police to every part of Germany to strip the populace of every gun they owned and than he was free from retaliation by the citizens given the pure evil he proceeded to inflict on his country; so is this the path you gun haters want to proceed down and/or allow our government to impose on a free society ?

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