Latest Poll: Majority Believe Schools Would Be Safer With Armed Teachers

ATLANTA- A poll released on Tuesday revealed that most respondents believe that arming teachers would make schools safer.

The poll, released by the Trafalgar Group, found that a whopping 57.5 percent of respondents said that preventing properly trained school teachers and staff from carrying firearms makes schools more dangerous. In comparison, 30.8 percent believe they are less dangerous.

The Trafalgar Group Poll, done in conjunction with the Convention of States Action, was conducted among 1091 likely general election voters between May 25th and May 29th.

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Trafalgar claimed that the respondents to the poll were 39.3 percent Democrat, 35.6 percent Republican, and 25.1 percent non-partisan/other.

Of the respondents, 53.3 percent of the respondents were female. The margin of error was 2.9 percent.

It should be noted that pollsters began taking data the day after the Uvalde school shooting.

Not unexpectedly, it revealed a partisan divide on the issue, with 67.5 percent of Republicans responding that preventing properly trained teachers and staff from carrying firearms made schools more dangerous compared to only 48.2 percent of Democrats saying so.

Among independents, 57.1 percent of respondents said that preventing properly trained teachers and staff from carrying firearms made schools more dangerous.


Looking at the flurry of activity on Capitol Hill among Democrats and their allies in the Republican Party to gut the Second Amendment, you would think that the country is clamoring for more restrictive gun-control laws.

This poll reveals that most people do not view the Second Amendment as a problem but as a solution.

This puts them at odds with their lawmakers, who are bent on creating a world where not only would teachers not be allowed to be armed, but all other law-abiding citizens would not be allowed to either.

With more bad news coming out every day about Democratic prospects in the upcoming midterms, they are more desperate than ever to make their visions of a gun-free utopia a reality.

Gun owners must not sit idle. HOLD THE LINE. Write your congressman using this form from the American Firearms Association and tell them to reject any gun control legislation. 


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