California Law Taxing Guns and Ammo at 11% Goes Into Effect

California’s attack on gun owners continues with Assembly Bill 28 going into effect, which puts an 11% tax on firearms and ammunition.

The bill claims it will help fund “violence prevention” efforts. Perhaps a better way to prevent violence is to let criminals know that innocent people have the right to defend themselves.

The new tax is in addition to the 10% to 11% that gun owners already have to pay for a federal excise tax for wildlife conservation efforts.

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Taxing gun owners is one of the new ways the gun grabbers have decided is an effective way to go after the 2nd Amendment. If they can’t regulate the types of weapons or ammo, which California also does, then they’ll try to make buying guns and ammo too expensive for gun owners.

Last year, before the bill’s passage, the Firearms Policy Coalition’s Vice President of Programs, Richard Thomson, blasted the bill and other anti-gun bills from California’s legislature, saying in a press release, in part,

This anti-rights package shows the legislature’s naked contempt for peaceable People, and their willingness to use state violence and send armed agents of the state to take people’s property and liberty and throw them in government cages merely for the free exercise of a fundamental right.

The Legislature is out of its lane– it is not within its purview to abrogate the fundamental rights of the very people that delegate limited, enumerated powers– to think so is arrogant, dangerous, and they will lose.”


Gun grabbers always say they want “common sense” gun reforms. However, every gun owner knows this is a lie.

Gun owners in red states should ignore any and all calls for gun control by gun grabbers in their states. They start with “smaller” issues to get their foot in the door. But the reality is they will never stop with “just a few” gun control bills.

The gun grabber’s end game is to get rid of the 2nd Amendment, and when you understand that, then no compromise is the only answer to their anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric.

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