Virginia Homeowner Fatally Shoots Man Attempting To Break In

YORK COUNTY, Va.- A family is safe after a homeowner shot and killed a man attempting to kick down a door to gain entry into the house just after 5 p.m. Monday in the 300 block of Corvette Drive, WAVY reported.

The York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office identified the man the homeowner shot as 20-year-old Antonio Beltran Flores Perez.

The incident started when Perez came out of the woods behind the home, WAVY reported. The family, who was outside when Perez emerged from the woods, went inside and locked the house door. Perez then tried to kick down the door from the back deck. That was when law enforcement said the homeowner shot and killed him.

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York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Major Ron Montgomery said the unarmed Perez attempted to gain entry into the home multiple times and that the homeowner was concerned for his family’s safety.

“That was his big concern,” Montgomery told WAVY. “The door had been locked and when he started kicking the door to make entry into the house, that’s when the homeowner shot the individual.”

The homeowner has not been charged.

Montgomery said the incident was abnormal for the neighborhood, which he described as quiet.

“If you have someone who’s trespassing on your property that you’re concerned about, I would encourage you to dial 911 immediately,” Montgomery said, according to WAVY. “Nationally, we are seeing a lot more handgun violence and a lot more of these situations where burglaries or larcenies are occurring, so I think nationally that is a trend and what we’ve learned here in York County, although we have a very low crime rate, that doesn’t mean we are going to be immune from these types of crimes.”

We applaud this homeowner for successfully defending his family.

We also note where this crime occurred- in a quiet neighborhood. There is a tendency to think that if a person’s surroundings are primarily peaceful, they need not worry about purchasing a firearm for protection.


Let Montgomery’s words about there being a lot more of “these situations” happening on a national level. Whether in a questionable neighborhood or a nice, quiet location, self-defense is your responsibility. Exercise your Second Amendment rights. 


  1. My take: Montgomery is a limp-dick sheriff. Should have applauded the homeowner for protecting his family, but he’d rather have his citizens just call 911, because “Nationally, we are seeing a lot more handgun violence”.
    Remember, when seconds count, your local 911 will get someone there in minutes so they can retreive you and your family’s bodies.

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