Trump, DeSantis Lead 2024 Gun Owner Presidential Preference Poll

Today, the American Firearms Association is releasing the results of their Official 2024 Presidential Preference Poll.

Over the last two weeks, AFA asked their members from all fifty states the following question:

Who do you support for President in 2024?

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Here are the results of the poll:

Donald Trump: (66.7%)
Ron Desantis: (20.9%)
Ted Cruz: (3.7%)
Kristi Noem: (2.1%)
Mike Pence: (1.9%)
Nikki Haley: (1.8%)
Marco Rubio: (.3%)
Chris Christie: (.1%)
Other: (2.5%)

Thank you to all AFA members for your participation in the poll!

For America,

Chris Dorr

American Firearms Association

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*** Reprinted with the permission of the American Firearms Association

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