So-Called ‘Safe Storage’ Law Goes into Effect in Oregon

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The gun control crowd has had a hard time getting victories these days as state pro-2nd Amendment groups have mobilized against them, but there is one area they seem to be gaining some ground on in some “blue” states.

So-called “Safe Storage” laws are all the talk these days with the gun control crowd. Approximately 11 states have Safe Storage laws.

To be clear, gun owners can and should always keep their firearms safe, either through storage or training.

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Many gun owners begin teaching their children at a young age how to handle and respect firearms. Many gun owners also know to store their guns differently in the event that one of their family members is struggling mentally.

However, the Safe Storage laws that have been going into effect, and just went into effect in Oregon, are not about child safety.

Gun owners aregue that laws like the one in Oregon are meant to make firearms useless and nothing more than a paper weight. Additionally, gun owners aregue that the laws are designed to get gun owners in trouble by storing firearms safely but in a way the gun control crowd doesn’t like.

Here are some of the provisions of Oregon’s new “Safe Storage” law:

  1. If a gun owner is transfering a firearm through a sale where a background check is required, the firearm must have a trigger lock or be transfered in a container that locks.
  2. Failing to secure a firearm could result in a maximum fine of $500.
  3. The penalty for a minor gaining access to a firearm is $2,000.
  4. Firearm dealers have to post the following message in open view of the public with lettering not less than one inch, “The purchaser of a firearm has an obligation to store firearms in a safe manner and to prevent unsupervised access to a firearm by a minor. If a minor or unauthorized person obtains access to a firearm and the owner failed to store the firearm in a safe manner, the owner may be in violation of the law.”
  5. If a firearm is used to harm another individual as a result of violation of the Safe Storage law, that person may bring a lawsuit against the gun owner within two years of the violation.

What do you think of the effort to pass so-called Safe Storage laws? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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