Robbery Victim Fires Back at Robber!

-San Antonio, Texas

It’s not every day that you are eating at a taco truck and a robber decides to attack.

However, that’s what happened in San Antonia to two men who were eating early in the morning. The men had just gotten their food and returned to their truck to eat when the robbery took place.

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A robber, who has not been identified, approached the two men and demanded that they hand over their wallets.

One of the victims handed over his wallet, and the suspect fired at him, hitting him in the stomach, according to KENS5 in San Antonio. The driver then pulled out his firearm and returned fire. It’s unclear if the suspect was hit in the exchange.

For years, gun grabbers have said that we must be victims. We must handed over our goods and the robbers will just go away. However, this is yet another case where the robber decided he was going to shoot anyway.

Would you have shot at the robber or just handed over your wallet in hopes that he didn’t fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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