Colion Noir Rips David Hogg for Dodging Debate

Pro-gun activist Colion Noir blasted David Hogg for backing out of a 2nd Amendment debate.

In the video posted on YouTube yesterday, Noir said that multiple debates he has been asked to participate in have always been canceled, by the gun grabbing side. The latest cancelation comes from well-known anti-2nd Amendment activist David Hogg, one of the founders of “March for Our Lives.”

Hogg has made a name for himself by complaining on Twitter about the 2nd Amendment.

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But more than that, Hogg recently posted a Forbes article in which he discusses needing to bridge the divide in the 2nd Amendment debate. The article quotes Hogg, in part, saying,

There’s a lot more agreement than disagreement out there, even with people who think that they’re completely against us.”


The entire Forbes article is about how Hogg joined a gun club at Harvard and began learning how to shoot guns. Hogg claims he wanted to learn more about gun culture.

Um, you aren’t going to learn about gun culture by joining a gun club at Harvard of all places.

In Noir’s video, he talks about the gun grabbers who constantly back out of debates. He says the gun control crowd is more than willing to attack the right to keep and bear arms, but they never want to try and defend those positions with someone who knows how to debate 2nd Amendment issues.

Noir says in his video,

The only people willing to debate is the pro-2A community. Gun control activists never want to debate. They’ll use traumatized, scared, and highly impressionable kids as human shields to shut down debate, that would expose the weakness in their agenda.

But to have an open and honest conversation about guns, where the masses can hear each sides argument?

Man, please. You’re more likely to get Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate to go to the premier of Barbie together.”

-Colion Noir YouTube Channel

The debate over the 2nd Amendment was ended a long time ago. There isn’t a debate anymore and doesn’t really need to be one.

Infringing on the 2nd Amendment is prohibited, or it was supposed to be.

Gun control activists aren’t really trying to debate whether gun control really works or not. They know it doesn’t.

Their ultimate goal is the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, and no amount of debating will change that.

What did you think of Noir’s video? Do you think Hogg backed out because he was scared? Let us know in the comments below.

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