David Hogg Brags About Swiss Gun Restrictions

Well-known gun control activist David Hogg was on Twitter recently, bragging about Swiss firearm laws.

Hogg said on his Twitter profile,

Switzerland is a country that has a high rate of gun ownership but doesn’t have a high level of gun violence. It’s because they actually have a well regulated militia with high levels of mental and legal vetting AND training to own a gun.”

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-David Hogg Twitter Account

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Nevermind that Sweden is not the United States. Our culture and laws are fundamentally different.

Sweden doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment, as some Twitter users pointed out.

Hogg has tried to use other countries over the years to try and get Americans to buy into the gun control sides’ way of thinking.

However, in addition to Sweden not having a 2nd Amendment, Hogg clearly doesn’t understand the separate clauses of the 2nd Amendment, the actually meaning of “militia,” or the reality that “well regulated” meant “well trained,” not government interference.

Interestingly, Hogg tries to further solidify his argument by stating,

It even says in their constitution ‘the armed forces shall be organized as a militia.”

-David Hogg Twitter Account

Except David, that is how Switzerland wrote their constitution, not the Founding Fathers of the United States. The people in the United States are the “militia.”

In fact, many of the Founding Fathers OPPOSED a standing army, because they feared it could target the people.

Of course, Hogg bloviated for Switzerland even more by posting a picture with Swiss Ambassador Pitteloud.

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