Police: Chick-fil-A Suspect in U.S. Illegally

A recent deadly shooting in Texas was allegedly done by an illegal immigrant, according to ICE (click here for citation).

The shooting left two people dead and the suspect behind bars. The Irving Police Department has identified Oved Bernardo Mendoza Argueta, 37 years old, as an individual who should not be in this country.

Argueta allegedly shot and killed two patrons at a Chick-fil-A in Irving several days ago. Police had been hunting for a suspect in the case and were able to capture Argueta alive.

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According to Fox News, Argueta is the spouse of one of the employees at the restaurant chain. It’s unclear at this time what the motive may have been in the shooting, but it is being called a “targeted” attack.

The story will likely die quickly now since it doesn’t fit the gun grabbers’ narrative of all shootings being done by white men.

That narrative has been collapsing for years now as, it turns out, mentally ill people kill other people. It doesn’t matter the race, gender, nationality, or any other factor.

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