CA Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Individuals, State And Local Governments, to Sue Gunmakers for Negligence

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – California Governor and possible 2024 Democratic Presidential candidate Gavin Newsom signed a bill giving individuals and state and local governments the ability to sue gun makers for negligence, Politico reported

“California’s measure creates a code of conduct that features various safeguards intended to reduce gun violence, authorizing lawsuits for violations by the state attorney general, city attorneys, and individual citizens, Politico reported. “The bill takes effect next summer.”

The bill, known as the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, takes advantage of an exemption in the 2005 Federal Protection of Lawful Commerce Act, The Hill reported. The Federal Protection of Lawful Commerce Act shields gun manufacturers from civil lawsuits in most cases. The Hill said that Newsom’s office maintained that an exemption to the 2005 law allows lawsuits to go through if “gun makers violate state laws related to the sale and marketing of firearms.” 

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”Companies could face lawsuits if their products are ‘abnormally dangerous,’ are sold in a way that lets them be illegally converted, or end up in the hands of people who are prohibited from owning firearms,” Politico reported. 

This is not the only piece of gun control legislation Newsom has set his sights upon this year. According to The Hill, this includes legislation allowing private citizens to sue gun manufacturers for up to $10,000 if a firearm caused harm or injury. 

Newsom’s aggressive anti-gun maneuvering comes as speculation concerning his national political considerations reaching new levels with every passing day. While a confused President Joe Biden gaffed his way through Israel at the start of a tour of the Middle East, Newsom visited Washington and even stopped by the White House.

“This is Gavin Newsom building his national brand for whatever opportunities might come up in the future,” University of California, San Diego Political Science Professor Thad Kousser told CBS Los Angeles. “He’s savvy enough to know a lot of dominoes would have to fall for his future to come in 2024, but that makes it even more vital to take every opportunity to stay in the national consciousness for 2028.”


We are sure there will be half a dozen lawsuits in connection with this bill — a bill which is designed to allow a free-for-all blizzard of lawsuits against gun manufacturer.

Lawsuits against gun manufacturers will make it more difficult for Californians to protect themselves and their properties, but then, the peons have never matter to ‘Shutdowns-for-thee-but-not-for-me” Newsom. 

While the Democratic Party appears to be abandoning Biden like rats on a sinking ship, gun owners should be aware that they would be more than happy substituting in a fresher-faced tyrant such as Newsom (or someone like him) who will come with more stringent gun control laws designed to gut the Second Amendment. 

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  1. Shame on the majority of Californians who keep electing this left-wing socialist back into office! You’ve all had the chance to elect a conservative official time and time again, yet you gleefully choose this guy for a mayor, a Lt. governor and now governor of your state. Its now time for all Californians to wallow in your ignorance, you get what you deserve.

    And stop infecting your surrounding states when you can’t elect better people! No other state wants your political stupidity! You may think you’re conservative, then you get to a conservative state and try to change it to the same crap you just flee’d from!

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