Kenosha Resident Won’t Face Charges Over Self-Defense Killing

Kenosha, Wisconsin – A man in Kenosha will not face criminal charges, according to police and prosecutors, for shooting and killing a burglar.

According to the police, Izerion Cooper and Dieonte Lee had gone to the Wood Creek apartments and stolen items from the resident, who was not home then. However, Cooper left some of his belongings at the apartment and returned to get them.

When Cooper returned to the apartment, a fight ensued with the resident, who was home at the time at nearly 4:30 a.m. CT.

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During the confrontation, Cooper was shot and killed by the tenant. Cooper’s associate, Lee, did not return to the apartment but was later arrested.

Self-defense is protected in Wisconsin; thankfully, the tenant isn’t facing charges. Citizens in other states, like New York, aren’t so lucky.

Original Story from ABC 2 in WisconsinClick here for citation.

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