Gov. DeSantis Says He Won’t Comply with Gun Control Advisory from Surgeon General

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said his state will not comply with the surgeon general’s recent “gun violence” advisory.

Just a few days ago, President Joe Biden’s surgeon general released an advisory declaring “gun violence” an “epidemic.” Of course, there is no such thing as “gun violence,” and the gun grabbers know that.

On top of the fake epidemic, the surgeon general released a bunch of statistic lies that gun grabbers have been pushing for years now.

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DeSantis was not having it and went after the advisory, posting on X:

During COVID, unelected bureaucrats used “public health” as a pretext to deprive citizens of their rights– and I signed legislation to protect Floridians from government overreach.

Now, Biden’s Surgeon General is attempting to violate the Second Amendment through the “public health” bureaucracy.

We will not comply. Florida will always reject the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional power-grabs.”


This is the type of response we have come to expect from DeSantis, and the type of response gun owners want to see from all Republican governors.

Republicans in “red” states have to recognize the danger of what the surgeon general did and prepare to fight back.

Anytime the government calls something an “emergency” or “epidemic,” you can be sure power grabs are coming. That’s what gun owners have to be on the lookout for from the federal government and in the states they reside in.

Some states have protections against infringements on the right to keep and bear arms in epidemics or emergencies. Be sure to research your state laws.

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