Open Carry Banned for Parade Floats in Boise, Idaho “Independence Day” Parade

Nothing says “Independence Day,” like banning guns in a parade for a holiday where we celebrate a war we won using guns.

That’s what is happening in Idaho’s capitol city of Boise. Now, guns being banned on parade floats in other states like California, New York, or Illinois probably wouldn’t surprise anyone, but in a state like Idaho, it’s somewhat shocking.

The parade organizers are a non-profit organization called “We The People 4th of July Parade Celebration Inc.”

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Last year, the organizers tried to ban guns for those who had floats in the parade but ultimately backed down after a massive backlash. This year, though, the organizers are standing by the ban on firearms.

News about the parade was first reported by the Idaho Dispatch.

I provided a quote for them in that news article. Here is what I told the Idaho Dispatch:

There is perhaps nothing more disgraceful to an Independence Day celebration than banning the open carrying of firearms. We didn’t win our freedom by tweeting at people or rolling a float down the road. We won independence by going to war with our enemies.

The organizers of the parade should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe they should call the parade the ‘Hey, it’s a celebration for the month of July’ parade. Don’t celebrate Independence Day if you can’t appreciate the tool that won us that independence.”


The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance filled out most of the application to participate in the parade but stopped short of completing it when parade organizers wanted a confirmation that guns would not be openly carried on the float.

Perhaps the parade sponsors need to hear from the citizens in Idaho about their displeasure with banning the open carry of firearms on floats?

This year’s listed sponsors are: CapEd Credit Union, Micron, Peterson Chevrolet, CBS 2 News, News Talk KBOI, LaGranD, Visit Boise, the Idaho Democrat Party, the Idaho Republican Party, Gravis Law, In the Bag Promotions, and the city of Boise.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list is the Idaho GOP. Why have they not pulled their sponsorship over the issue?

The ban on open carry of firearms does not apply to parade attendees but to anyone having a float.

Are firearms banned from floats in your Independence Day parade? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: Greg Pruett serves as the President and Founder of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance