Father Kills Daughter’s Violent Ex-Boyfriend After He Battered Through Front Door

SHELBY COUNTY, OH – A 22-year-old man was shot and killed by his ex-girlfriend’s father after he attempted to break into their home on Sunday, July 31st.

WLIO reported that the incident occurred around 11 a.m. Sunday at a home located in the 2900 block of North Kuther Road northwest of Sidney. A man identified as James Douglas Rayl, 22, of Sidney, was captured on a Ring video approaching the residence and beginning to beat on the front door, according to WKEF. According to a recording, a female who called 911 identified Rayl as an ex-boyfriend.

The homeowner told Rayl to leave the premises and also said he had a gun. WKEF reported that Rayl shouldered the door numerous times before breaking it and entering the house. The homeowner, identified by a woman who called 911 as her father, shot Rayl three times.

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Rayl was pronounced dead at the scene.


Yet another case of the Second Amendment working as it should!

We applaud this father for successfully defending his daughter and his home. More than this, however, we praise him because he had the correct understanding that he was responsible for the defense and safety of his house. That’s why he had the gun on hand in the first place.

Law-abiding, responsible gun owners understand this well, and we hope examples like this father will encourage more and more people to exercise their right to self-defense. 


  1. Nobody wants to kill anybody but you have to do what you have to, protect your love ones and yourself and property.

  2. Good for that dad. He warned the man that he had a gun and he continued to break in. He deserves what he got. That goes for anyone that may try to take your gun away. It is our right. And our forefathers were very smart and put in the 2nd amendment so the government shouldn’t take our rights away. This administration is trying but we must stand up to it.

    1. Bs comments made by apologists and people who are going to be killed themselves if they are ever in that situation. This is the dithering of idiots that hope they are never in a situation like that. Armchair judges with no experience and no logic on their side.

      1. We have 18 of 20 residents on our dead end rd that have ar15s ..a warning sign is posted .. no crime in 5 yrs … our neighborhood watch is outstanding an we have a lot of coyotes to clean up any messes if needed… 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. If you shoot, you shoot to stop the threat. It is split second decision making. In law enforcement we were taught two to the body and one to the head. It was called a “hammer drill”. After, you access and repeat if necessary. Moving targets can be hard to hit. I know in the movies it is different but in “real life” it is very serious. Know one wants to take a life but once you have to use deadly force, use it.

    3. What do you think he planned on doing to that girl after he broke the door down? Why is his life more important?

    4. Much easier to accept that it was the violent ex that was killed rather than the girlfriend and/or her father and anyone else who may have been inside that home.
      I have no sorrow for anyone who is killed while in the act of committing (or intending to commit) crimes that harm others, period. As I’ve said before, when seconds counts, the police are minutes away to retrieve you and your family’s bodies.

    5. What kind of idiotic shallow question is that? Two in the center one in the face. Problem solved and you don’t have to do it again next year when he’s 23. Killing a perpetrator should result in a party and a medal.

  3. In this day and age you don’t know what the person has taken. It could be alcohol or some mind altering drugs. Better be safe than sorry. So many druggers out there. It’s not like it was 40-50 years ago.

    1. You mean like back when the .45 was invented to stop the filipinos and chinese eating so much opium before going into battle they’d take 20 .38 special rounds and not stay down? Like oh….1911 or so…..?

  4. Yeah but, if that homeowner didn’t have that mean gun, that nice young man would still be alive ,,,,,(I’m waiting for some lib to post that!!)

  5. Americans man 🙁 ……….. They love their guns to much, even the police. A bunch of trigger happy fools, No wonder everyone hates America. I’m from Great Britain (wouldn’t really call it great but still) However there is one thing for sure! And that is, British police actually know how to handle tough situations and know when to response to a situation Adequately. If a criminal is using a fire arm, arm police come. If the criminal doesn’t hold any offensive weapon, they use taser guns which is very effective. In this situation, the father could have easily went old school on he’s ass (punch up) but no, he’s too pussy to use physical force and took out a gun instead. At least have some balls. The guy was unarmed. If I had a daughter, and her ex came by the house and force he’s way In like this guy did. I definitely would have given him a good beating, but why kill the guy?

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